DATACORRECTION is a newly launched website is also known as Digital Marketing.A Data Correction is the activity of checking data which is correct or erroneous, or to make a corrected for further use. Posted in Management and tagged information . The Project Definitions have been developing and sharing based on actual project execution and operation experiences and knowledge with the Project Language.


It is in page mode, field mode and character mode for correcting errors in the captured data. It had limited effect on the analyzer’s average relative bias and accuracy.It is the activity of checking data which was declared (is possibly) erroneous.


We are giving mainly two plans one is "FREE" users and "PAID" users with different benefits.

Is this project is genuine or not?

Yes it is 100% genuine. because we are not giving any accuracy Parameters, we are paying error free files. Payment is confirmed, there is no termination in our end till expiry date. Ex: - If the customer complete 100 file they will achieve 90 correct file 10 error file and customer will receive payout for 90 correct files.

If there is any Target?

There is no Target, According to the plan we will provide the workload. But one condition if customer select the one page they need to complete 55 lines in particular page without miss within 2 Hours. If customer fail to complete the page within timeline then that page will consider as incomplete.

Why we need to pay Subscription charge?

We are charging only web maintenance charge according to their login time and expiry date.

If any Termination is there in this project?

There is no Termination, according to the subscription plan they will get complete security and work load from our end.

How will trust your company?

For customer security reason we are providing Court Bond Paper agreement. If customers purchase more than 10 ID’s in premium Plan then We are providing PDC ( Post Dated Cheque) or Bank Gurantee.agreement made inside our office.

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